My Disney Dozen Answers


This week, I put out some Disney related questions under the banner The Disney Dozen. I’ve asked people to answer the questions, and some wonderful folks (including Simoa of Champagne for Lunch, Keisha of Cinema Cities, and Harry on Twitter) have done just that. So far, I haven’t, but all that changes now!

1. What’s your favourite Disney film and why?
Sleeping Beauty, because it’s a masterpiece of sight and sound that, in my opinion, is one of the greatest films ever made. My full piece about the film can be seen here.

2. What was the first Disney film you ever saw?
I’m convinced I’d seen a Disney film prior to this one but I have no memory of it, so The Lion King is the first Disney film I saw – definitely the first one at the cinema. Mufasa, guys. Mufasa.

3. If you could ask Walt one question, what would it be?
Walt was such an innovator, I’m fascinated by what he’d think of modern cinema technologies like CGI, IMAX, and 3D. I think I’d probably ask him what he’d do with these technologies – if he thinks they have value and how he’d apply them.

4. You’re asked to create an attraction at Disneyland based on a Disney movie. What do you create?
Pluto’s Pups: an attraction that consists of nothing more than lying down and being able to cuddle an endless parade of dogs for 10 minutes at a time.

5. What fairy tale that Disney haven’t yet adapted would you like to see them make?
There are a few classics I’d love to see them take on, but Hansel and Gretel seems the most obvious. It’d be a tough one, and changes would need to be made, but there’s palpable threat there and it’d be fascinating to see Disney do it without pushing the darkness too far.

6. Gaston is excellent at most everything. But what are you better than Gaston at?
No-one worries like me, gets stressed out quite like me, no-one’s anxious, obsessive, and scared quite like me. I’m especially good at small panic attacks. Take that Gaston. You jerk!

7. What’s your favourite Disney song?
Part of Your World. It’s a beautiful piece of music that captures everything great about Disney, being both fun and heartfelt. What it says about loneliness and longing is nothing short of poetry.

8. What’s your least favourite Disney film?
The Sword in the Stone. It’s not a bad film, it’s just a let-down considering the source material. Mediocre animation, no memorable songs or characters, no real structure or quality storytelling. A real shame.

9. You can live in any Disney film. Which one do you pick?
Frozen, simply because Arendelle is a gorgeously realised location: cosy and cute in the winter, beautiful and warm in the spring.

10. You’re the eighth member of the Dwarfs. What name do you go by?
I’m very shy but Bashful’s already nicked that role, so I’ll be the much-needed Spielberg specialist of the group: Spielbergy.

11. Disney make a new Fantasia. Which musical pieces would you like to see them include?
I’m a big fan of Holst’s The Planets, and the idea of Disney doing something in space set around one of the pieces from the suite is too good to resist. Mars is the most famous and therefore the most obvious choice, but I’d prefer they go for Jupiter, which in my opinion is richer and more interesting.

12. You can invite five Disney characters to a dinner party. Who do you choose and why?
Okey doke, here goes:
1. Donald Duck. Because he’s Donald Duck and therefore perfect.
2. Casey from Tomorrowland. Because she’s a personal hero and a dreamer.
3. Anna from Frozen. Because I too enjoy sandwiches.
4. Figaro from Pinocchio. Because he understands the value of a good night’s sleep and is therefore the best character in Pinocchio.
5. Meg from Paperman. Because she’s pretty swoonsome. Y’know, for a cartoon character.

Don’t forget, if you want to be a part of The Disney Dozen, just answer these questions on your blog (whatever platform it’s on) or answer on Twitter, if you don’t have a blog.


6 thoughts on “My Disney Dozen Answers

  1. Pluto’s Pups needs to exist as soon as possible 🙂

    Whenever I sit down to watch Sword in the Stone, I’m always desperate to love it. But I never quite can. Some wonderful stuff in there, but it never really grabs me. I’m always hoping it will.

    And hurrah – another Tomorrowland fan. I’ll be doing a Mouse House Movie Club on that very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sleeping Beauty is in my top 5 as far as animated Disney movies go, so I’m glad to see it’s your favorite! It’s one of those movies that leaves my awestruck no matter how many times I watch it.

    Also love that Figaro would be one of your dinner guests, he’s probably my favorite Disney cat. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore Sleeping Beauty. Great to see you’re a fan too. I see something new in it every time I watch it.

      And hurray for the Figaro love. His expressions when Gepetto forces him to get out of bed to open the window are so funny.

      Liked by 1 person

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