Moana Audio Review

I love podcasts as they help build a nice sense of community among people with shared interests. I’ve considered doing a podcast myself, but I’m not at ease with my ability to speak at all and that’s always stopped me.

However, I’ve decided to challenge my shyness a little of late. That process began by successfully meeting Twitter friends at the Moana screening last weekend, and continues with this audio review of the film.

It’s not the best quality, and I apologise for the uhming and ahing and the tinny sound of my voice. But, well, here it is. I hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Moana Audio Review

  1. You could stand to do more of those. I think a fully scripted video is a lot of effort, especially if you’re hesitant about it right now anyway, and it wouldn’t convey genuine enthusiasm the same way so videos like this definitely have their purpose. I liked it, fwiw. I agreed with everything, but also you sounded genuine (as I said) and friendly. Also obviously if it works as a confidence-boost keep going. 🙂

    I don’t know. We’re thinking of making videos. Three’s editing one now that’s us watching and complaining about DreamWorks trailers. I think it’s funny, but our faces and voices are in it :/ Also. Everything we’re saying is really pretentious. But who knows, maybe we’ll post it one day despite all of that.


    1. Thanks so much. That really means a lot. I was so nervous about this to the point where I couldn’t even get through a sentence without thinking I sounded stupid! So it means a lot that you liked it and even more that it sounded genuine and friendly. That’s what I love about podcasts. They’re best when they’re just a person taking or a group of people having a chat. They come across like a fun discussion that way 😃

      And you guys should definitely post that video. I’d love to watch it. I adore the conversational style of your writing and I bet that shines through even more in a video. I think the fact that your faces and voices are in it simply makes the prospect of seeing it even better!!!! 😄

      And as for pretentiousness! Guys! I’ve written six thousand words about Frozen! AND I’D DO IT AGAIN DARN IT!

      You can’t possibly get more pretentious than that!!!

      I hope you post it. I bet it’s superb! Don’t let nervousness or introversion or whatever reservations you have get the better of you 😃😃


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