The true voice of the 2000s

Last week, the BBC revealed the results of a poll they commissioned to find the best films since the year 2000. The poll canvassed the opinions of some 177 critics and produced a pretty solid (if somewhat predictable) list, which can be viewed here.

Arty film at the top? Check. Foreign fare sprinkled liberally throughout? Check. A few blockbusters and populist offerings here and there to avoid seeming pretentious? Triple check.

Facetiousness aside, it’s really not a bad list, but it seemed like the kind of list produced by exactly the kind of critics who normally fill out these polls. Middle aged folks who have been working as critics throughout the period they’re being polled about.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but it struck me that a more worthwhile activity when discussing what can be dubbed Millennial film-making is to actually ask Millennials. The last 16 years have seen unprecedented change: in society, in technology, in popular culture. Things have shifted fundamentally and, from a filmic point of view, we’ve changed the¬†way we both create and consume our entertainment.

It seems important to canvas the opinions of the people who have spent their formative years during this period of change, so it’s over to you. If you’re under – let’s say- 25, let me know your favourite films since the year 2000. As a starter, here are mine (in no particular order). (I’m 32 by the way, and therefore super old).

Spider-Man 2
The Artist
Spirited Away
Inside Out
Lost in Translation