Video Work

Along with writing, I also have experience in editing video and have put together a number of video montages showcasing themes and recurring elements of the work of Steven Spielberg.

These videos take clips and music from Spielberg’s films, and edit them to make for a new viewing experience that helps tell a story of make a point about his work. They can be seen below or at From Director Steven Spielberg’s YouTube channel.

Spielberg Shorts
Below is a handful of short video essays I’ve created about elements of Spielberg’s work. They look at Spielberg’s style and how he uses it to push the emotion of a scene or sequence.

Secret Whisperings
Spielberg is known for his blockbuster spectacle, but his films show as many moments of intimacy and emotion as they do tremendous visual excitement. In ‘Secret Whisperings’, I set some of my favourite such scenes to a gentle cue from John Williams’ E.T. score to underline how important these moments of connection are to Spielberg.

Spielberg Supercut: Light
Spielberg has a number of key visual motifs, and in ‘Spielberg Supercut: Light’, I take a look at one of his most significant. For Spielberg, light represents hope, truth and emotional realisation, and this video highlights such moments across his career.

Spielberg Supercut: Kids and The BFG
Whether it’s in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., or Jurassic Park, Spielberg is famous for focusing on children in his films. In ‘Kids and The BFG’, I highlight his interest in childhood and how he’s explored it throughout his career by setting key scenes to the audio from a trailer for his most recent film, The BFG. 

Spielberg Supercut: Flight
Spielberg is fascinated by ideas of flight, but his relationship with flying is contradictory and uneasy. In Spielberg Supercut: Flight, I explore how the director is both obsessed by and terrified of flying, creating an intoxicating atmosphere in his films.